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Image by Parke Harrison

These are some recent tracks from a mix of projects, Soundtracks I’ve composed for ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’, ‘Sergio’, ‘The Tillman Story’, ‘Sergio’, ‘Henry Mind of A Tyrant’, as well as the piano piece ‘Crystallised Beauty’ (used for the ITV Jane Austen season, as well as the trailer for ER), Venetian Underground (A steampunk concept album for electric cello, prepared piano and orchestra), and other ambient pieces and concert works.
Philip Sheppard

4 thoughts on “Listen here”

  1. I tried to buy the piece named “Borderland” on itunes but I didn’t find it… how can I get it ? this piece is really wonderful !

  2. I was wondering whether the track to the closing titles of ‘Moon Machines’ was available for purchase anywhere please? I have to say I found it really quite moving if not inspiring.

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