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Hollywood Reporter:

“The music from Philip Sheppard, which underscores the great space footage, is just right from popular to classical notes.”

Blue Coupe – Tony Buchsbaum:

‘In recent weeks, I have been immersed in this music, and every time I listen, I find new things to love. This is a soundtrack, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a symphony for us all, inspiring us to remember what it was like when we — everyone we knew and everyone we didn’t know, all over the world — had a common goal, to reach space not just as Americans but as people.

This is Philip Sheppard’s first feature film score, and it heralds the arrival of a great new talent. I can’t wait to hear what he does next.’


‘The ‘Glass Cathedral’ works beautifully… it’s gripping music.’

The Independent:

‘…this prolific young composer puts his custom built cello through its paces, from birdsong to the groaning of ships’ timbers, from detuned harmonics to weird melodic whistles… this is utterly beguiling music…’

Jean Michel-Jarre:

“On Friday night, I went to see “Sacred Monsters”, a modern ballet with Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan… I met Philip Sheppard, the composer who did a real good score, mixing classical music with a string trio, a fantastic percussionist and indian music with a pakistani singer  and another belgian female singer, making all kinds of sounds with her voice. He told me that Concerts in China gave him the desire to become a composer.”

Anthony Keidis – Red Hot Chilli Peppers:

“Man… you play a fat cello…”

What’s on Stage Magazine:

‘With a vital wall Anish Kapoor makes a deceptively simple set that is stunningly lit by Michael Hulls and Philip Sheppard’s fusion soundtrack is excellent; ebbing and flowing but never intrusive but shadowing the dancing tides of submission, dominance, violence and affection.’

Guardian Unlimited:

‘Philip Sheppard’s wondrously uplifting score…’

The Times:

With a royal seal of approval, the London handover show at the closing ceremony [of the 2008 Beijing Olympics] tomorrow will be an “irrepressibly British” celebration of sport, culture and music.

The Queen has endorsed the musical rearrangement of the National Anthem that will start the performance…

“It’s symphonic and full-on but a bit different. I did not think we should go to China and do something imperial and militaristic,” Philip Sheppard, the music director and a professor at the Royal Academy of Music, said. “I wanted it to be more sentimental so the British athletes in the stadium could feel nostalgic and start fantasising about Marmite and cups of tea…”

“We did send it to Buckingham Palace for approval – we thought it would only be polite – and they said yes.”

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  1. Lee Hyosook says:

    I love Crystallised Beauty the most! please come to korea and play your music!

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