The Diver in the Crypt CD

The Diver in the Crypt CD – Philip Sheppard – Cello and Electric Cello – MP3’s now at links below


Clear Blue was written as a lullaby. It is composed for 16 multitracked cellos.
Penitential Psalm is based on the correspondence between Galileo and his daughter and was commissioned by the Norwich Festival with funds from the Eastern Arts Board. It was first performed in Norwich Cathedral and subsequently in concert with the bestselling author of Longitude, Dava Sobel.
The Diver in the Crypt is based on the story of William Walker, the deep sea diver who, in the 1900’s, single-handedly rescued Winchester Cathedral from sinking and collapse by repairing the building’s supports in a totally flooded crypt.
Rain, steam and speed is a musical depiction of Turner’s atmospheric masterpiece. A steam locomotive’s journey is followed from terminus to ferocious storm.
Via Dolorosa depicts the juxtaposition of cultures, faiths and everyday life along the Jerusalem street that holds the different stages of the cross. Philip wrote this piece in Bethlehem during the 1999 Millenium Festival whilst practising the cello in a chapel in the Church of the Nativity.
Mechanical Waltz was written for live performance in the Kew Bridge Steam Museum to be played in counterpoint with the huge Victorian water- pumping steam engines.
Dark Blue is a late night remix of Clear Blue

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deirdre Palmer says:

    The Diver in the Crypt being my introduction to Philip Sheppard’s work I was blown away by the industrial sounds, the diverse influences, the skill. Wonderful!

  2. Evan says:

    These are amazing songs and can give the listener a very clear visual in their head. Well thought out and intricate.

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