Philip Sheppard – Composer & Producer

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Photo © Julian Macedo Powder Photography

Philip Sheppard is a virtuoso cellist, composer, producer and creative thinker.

Philip’s talent for bridging musical genres, media and industries has led to rather interesting collaborations. He’s worked with David Bowie, Alexander McQueen, Jeff Buckley, UNKLE, Pretty Lights, The Weeknd and Queens of the Stone Age. He has composed & produced new stage works for actress Juliette Binoche, dancers Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan, and virtuoso percussionist Evelyn Glennie.

He has scored more than 30 films including In the Shadow of the Moon, winner of the Sundance Audience Award, and Love, Marilyn starring Uma Thurman and Glenn Close. You could even hear his cello in space thanks to Astronaut Cady Coleman. Indeed, continuing the space theme, his music was recently used by JJ Abrams and Disney to promote Star Wars VII, the Force Awakens.

Philip has had a long association with the BBC, recently scoring Brian Cox’s landmark TV show, Human Universe,

Philip has been a music producer for large-scale events such as the London 2012 Olympics for which he arranged, recorded and produced all 206 of the world’s national anthems for use over the next 25 years. He was also the producer for London’s sequence in the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony. In 2014, he produced Le Tour de France Grand Départ and this fall, he is adding the Rugby World Cup to his portfolio. He recently appeared as a soloist with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

In 2010, Philip was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music, a lifetime achievement award for services to music and education.

He is in much demand as a public speaker with frequent appearances for C2MTL, the EGLa Ciudad and Cannes Lions amongst many other leading conferences. He is on the advisory board of Hatch, a creativity organisation and think tank leading the way in mentoring new businesses and education initiatives..

Here are some of Philip’s rock collaborations:

With the introduction of the new music game Compose Yourself™ by ThinkFun, he can now add inventor to his credentials.

Philip was honoured with BBC’s Music Production of the Year for The Manchester Passion and was recently named as one of Origin Magazine’s “Top 100 Creatives in the U.S.

Interviews:Computer History Museum Revolutionaries InterviewM Magazine interview, Time Out Interview, T&G Con Interview, CTMTL Interview


1969 November born in East London
1972 is found to have absolute pitch
1973 begins cello studies
1973 first solo cello performance
1979 USA tour
1987 awarded scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music
1992 professor of the Royal Academy of Music
1995 performs with Jeff Buckley at Meltdown Festival
1999 releases first solo album The Glass Cathedral
1999 soloist at the millennium concert in Bethlehem
2000 releases second solo album The Diver in the Crypt
2002 collaborates with David Bowie on Heathen
2003 first album collaborating with UNKLE – Never Never Land
2006 string arranger for Jarvis Cocker on Jarvis
2006 scores Sacred Monsters – a ballet for Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan
2006 soloist and orchestrator on The Drift with Scott Walker
2007 scores In the Shadow of the Moon – wins audience award at Sundance
2007 scores Sarabande in Black with Alexander McQueen
2007 produces the Manchester Passion & wins BBC production of the year award
2008 scores in-I for Juliet Binoche
2008 Beijing Olympic Games – music producer closing ceremony
2010 awarded Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Music for lifetime achievement in the arts
2010 named cultural icon in ID Magazine
2012 scores Love Marilyn starring Uma Thurman & Viola Davis
2012 re-scores and produces the world’s national anthems (206 of them) for the London Olympic Games to be used for the next 25 years of IOC events
2013 collaborates with Queens of the Stone Age on Like Clockwork
2013 collaborates with Pretty Lights on A Color Map of the Sun
2014 Scores Human Universe for Professor Brian Cox & BBC
2014 named one of the top hundred creatives by origin magazine
2015 stars as headline artist in Cirque du Soleil show One Drop in Vegas
2015 scores Star Wars trailer for JJ Abrams
2015 music producer for the Rugby World Cup
2015 releases composition game – Compose Yourself

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  1. Bigfiction says:

    Mr. Sheppard, you would be my first choice to score a Superman story. The weight of your productions and the Midwestern strings would compliment both the visual style of Alex Ross and the the depth of narrative found in in an interpretation like Kingdom Come. I’m not even a comic fan, but the marriage would be incredible. Cheers

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