In the Shadow of the Moon

Filmmaker David Sington merges the magnificence of science with the compelling drama of the human quest for advancement with this fascinating and visually stunning meditation on the historic Apollo space program. In the four remarkable years between 1968 and 1972, American history took a defining turn as nine NASA spacecraft made the trip to the moon, and 12 bold explorers became the first men ever to set foot on ground beyond planet Earth. In this documentary, space enthusiast Sington allows the surviving crew members from each Apollo mission the unique opportunity to recount their memories of those missions in their own words as vintage, original NASA film footage offers a tantalizing glimpse of this extraordinary era in American history. Candid interviews with the astronauts reveal the sensitive and fun-loving souls whose fearlessness would lead a nation into a new era of progress, and audio recordings from Mission Control lend a newfound sense of poignancy to a variety of oft-recounted historical milestones.
Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide
Interviews and features:

Press Quotes:

“This resounding theme of victory is quite literally underscored by composer Philip Sheppard. His music evokes ideas of exploration, expressing optimism and exultation. The score, performed by a 60-piece orchestra, is perhaps the most hopeful and inspiring one since “Chariots of Fire” (1981).”

“The film features all-new interviews with the astronauts themselves, still bright and viable after all these years and full of descriptive stories to tell, as well as never-before-seen footage accompanied by Philip Sheppard’s wondrously uplifting score.”

“British filmmaker David Sington does a superb job of eliciting illuminating anecdotes from the astronauts and mixing them with little-seen archival footage and a soaring symphonic score by Philip Sheppard.”

“The music from Philip Sheppard, which underscores the great space footage, is just right from popular to classical notes.”

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‘In the shadow of the moon’ – orchestral score composed by Philip Sheppard – premieres to rave reviews at the Sundance film festival where it has won the prestigious Audience Prize for best world documentary. See more about it here. The film goes on release in the USA on September 7th.
Audience Award, World Documentary, Sundance Film Festival, 2007
Best Documentary, Sedona International Film Festival, 2007
Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking, Sedona International Film Festival, 2007
Audience Award for Best Documentary, Indianapolis International Film Festival, 2007
Grand Prize, Boulder International Film Festival, 2007
Audience Award for Best International Feature, Florida Film Festival, 2007
Maui Film Festival Audience Award

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  1. amphibiman says:

    Mr. Sheppard–

    I’ve been watching the Science Channel series, “Moon Machines,” and I’ve been really enjoying the music–which upon inspection, lists you as the composer.

    Thanks, and great work. My question–is this the same soundtrack (perhaps rearranged) that was used for “In the Shadow of the Moon,” or is it similar, but a different piece of work?

    I’m really intrigued with a couple of the recurrent passages that happen during the “suspenseful leading into triumphant” portions of the show.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work,


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