DETROIT: Become Human on PS4

April 2018

  • Game Designer David Cage
  • Music Supervisor Mary Lockwood
  • Audio Lead Aurelien Baguerre
  • Music By Philip Sheppard
  • Recorded At Abbey Road Studios
  • Conductor Philip Sheppard
  • Director of Operations for Philip Sheppard Chris Walch
  • Recorded By Andrew Dudman
  • Score Mixer Andrew Dudman
  • Pro Tools Engineer Gordon Davidson & Matt Jones
  • Score Prepared By Andrew Foster
  • Orchestra English Session Orchestra
  • Contractor Dom Kelly
  • Orchestra Coordinator Jojo Aravanitis
  • With Thanks To Abbey Road Studios
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Buy DETROIT: Become Human

Collector’s Edition Soundtrack (Upgrade) within the Digital Deluxe Edition

Music to Picture

Since December 2016, I’ve been secretly working on the soundtrack for the character of Kara in Sony’s and Quantic Dream’s highly anticipated video game, DETROIT: Become Human. Since then, I’ve been impatiently waiting to announce its release on May 25, 2018!!

DETROIT: Become Human is the brainchild of video game designer, David Cage, who has been working on “multi-character” storytelling for several years. The game features 3 main characters, androids: Kara, Markus, and Connor.

David wanted to push the idea of multi-character storytelling as far as he could, by having three different composers (one per character) with radically different musical styles, three different moods, three different cinematographies, so that the player has a sense of playing three different games as they move from one character to another. It was an incredibly unique and rewarding experience to write this soundtrack with this team and I’m so proud of the final result.

Kara’s score was performed by the English Session Orchestra and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in the legendary Studio 1. Sound Engineer extraordinaire, Andrew Dudman, worked tirelessly with me on creating the final mix. The music, however, would not live the way it does in the game without the musical witchcraft of Mary Lockwood, music supervisor, and Aurelien Baguerre, audio lead. Enjoy an audio preview of Kara’s main theme:

For a sneak peek into my musical process for Kara and for the other characters in the game, check out Sony’s behind-the-scenes film above.

DETROIT: Become Human is available now for pre-order with the Digital Soundtrack, or the Collector’s Edition Soundtrack (Upgrade) within the Digital Deluxe Edition. You can read more about the game at its official game site.