I’ll Be Gone in the Dark Soundtrack

July 2020

Music to Picture

Philip Sheppard recently composed the soundtrack for I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’, a six-part documentary series based on the book of the same name, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark explores writer Michelle McNamara’s investigation into the dark world of the violent predator she dubbed “The Golden State Killer,” the man who terrorized California in the 1970s and 80s and is responsible for 50 home-invasion rapes and 12 murders.

Directed by Academy Award nominee and Emmy-winning director Liz Garbus (HBO’s Who Killed Garrett PhillipsNothing Left Unsaid: Gloria Vanderbilt & Anderson Cooper) and produced by Elizabeth Wolff, Kate Barry, Myles Kane and Josh Koury,  the series is a detective story told in McNamara’s own words, through exclusive original recordings and excerpts from her book read by actor Amy Ryan. Drawing on extensive archival footage and police files as well as exclusive new interviews with detectives, survivors and family members of the killer, the series weaves together a picture of a complex and flawed investigation that challenged police for decades.

The series is also a journey into the soul of McNamara, whose True Crime Diaries blog and years of relentless determination for justice for the victims helped keep the case alive and in the public eye, and who tragically died of an accidental overdose while writing her book. A meditation on obsession and loss, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark chronicles the unrelenting path of a mysterious killer and the fierce determination of one woman to bring the case to light.

The music score was recorded at Abbey Road Studios by the Chamber Orchestra of London – conducted by the composer – and the score was produced and engineered by Stefano Civetta. Other Soundtracks are here.


Executive producer(s)
  • Elizabeth Wolff
  • Kate Barry
Cinematography Thorsten Thielow
  • Jawad Metni
  • Alyse Ardell Spiegel
  • Erin Barnett
Production company(s)
Distributor HBO
Based on I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
by Michelle McNamara
Directed by
Narrated by Amy Ryan
Music by Philip Sheppard
Opening theme Avalanche” by Aimee Mann
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes (list of episodes)