In the Shadow of the Moon

January 2007

  • Director David Sington
  • Producer Duncan Copp
  • Producer Chris Riley
  • Producer Steve Milne
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Filmmaker David Sington merges the magnificence of science with the compelling drama of the human quest for advancement with this fascinating and visually stunning meditation on the historic Apollo space program. Philip scored the soundtrack for film which was awarded the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

“This resounding theme of victory is quite literally underscored by composer Philip Sheppard. His music evokes ideas of exploration, expressing optimism and exultation. The score, performed by a 60-piece orchestra, is perhaps the most hopeful and inspiring one since “Chariots of Fire” (1981).”

“The film features all-new interviews with the astronauts themselves, still bright and viable after all these years and full of descriptive stories to tell, as well as never-before-seen footage accompanied by Philip Sheppard’s wondrously uplifting score.”

“British filmmaker David Sington does a superb job of eliciting illuminating anecdotes from the astronauts and mixing them with little-seen archival footage and a soaring symphonic score by Philip Sheppard.”

“The music from Philip Sheppard, which underscores the great space footage, is just right from popular to classical notes.”


  • 2007 International Film Music Critics Award: Nominated Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature Film
  • 2007 Boulder International Film Festival: Grand Jury Prize
  • 2007 Florida Film Festival: Audience Award
  • 2007 Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award: Best Documentary
  • 2007 Sundance Film Festival: Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary; Nominated for Grand Jury Prize Award for World Cinema Documentary
  • 2007 Sedona International Film Festival: Best Documentary; Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking
  • 2007 Indianapolis International Film Festival: Audience Award for Best Documentary
  • 2007 Maui International Film Festival: Audience Award