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September 2018

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Philip spoke and performed at 2018 Screen Music Connect.

Philip spoke on the panel, When Worlds Collide: Classical Music and Soundtracks, alongside Jessica Curry – BAFTA Award-Winning Composer (‘Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture’, ‘Dear Esther’) and Presenter of Classic FM’s ‘High Score’, James Williams – Managing Director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Darrell Alexander – Film, TV & Games Composer Agent, CEO of COOL Music LTD and The Chamber Orchestra of London, and Jenny Nelson – Author of Classic FM’s ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ book, former Executive Producer of ‘High Score’ on Classic FM, and trustee of the Cambridge Film Trust.

The panel speakers discussed their musical worldview of, and influence on the artistic and commercial intersection of ‘classical music’ and music for screen media.

With popular symphonic concerts of video game, theatre and movie music packing the world’s concert halls, and sales of accompanying soundtrack albums buoyant, have the borderlines of classical music now become so blurred as to be relatively meaningless? Is it time to rebrand ‘classical’ as ‘orchestral’ and push harder to break down cultural and generational barriers much further to build on the evident appeal of the orchestral sound, encouraging new listeners to explore the classical canon? Can Final Fantasy and Star Wars be the gateway to Stravinsky and Beethoven? Or is the classical music fraternity and establishment too staid to respond to and embrace a new wave of interest in orchestral music arriving via entertainment media? What is classical music in the 21st century?

Following the panel, Philip performed a live intimate “Kara’s Theme” from DETROIT: Become Human.