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Philip performed at PeaceLove’s Peace of Mind Storytellers 2018 event on May 17th which brings together leaders in the mental wellness space to share their stories and the work they are doing to help create peace of mind in the world.

PeaceLove is an organization that is changing how people think about mental health. PeaceLove helps people find their voice, make meaningful connections, and discover new tools for wellness.

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“In light of the heartbreaking losses by suicide this month that have been in the national news, we are further reminded of the importance of taking care of and talking about our mental health. Thank you for joining PeaceLove in our mission to help people all over the world share their stories and their struggles. We strive to create more opportunities for open and honest discussion about mental health and mental illness. Our society needs more safe spaces, more authentic expression, more community and connection, more peace and more love. We are so grateful to you for your support in this mission.

Let us mourn the tragic losses, and use our grief to imagine and create a more beautiful world. A world where the dark, scary things, the things that we keep secret, that make us feel lost and alone – let’s imagine and create a world where those things don’t have to be so secret and scary and lonely. Let’s raise the voices of those who live with mental illness and treat everyone with dignity and respect; let’s build communities that hold each other, that support each other; let’s use the power of our stories to empower others to be honest about their emotions and to seek help when they need it, and let’s remember that it’s okay for us to seek help when we need it, too. Let’s create a world where every person knows that their story, their life, matters.

That’s our dream here at PeaceLove, and we thank you for being part of our family. We hope that today you find an opportunity to take care of yourself, share a kind word with others, and create some peace of mind as we all join together to build this more beautiful world.” – Michael Gabrielle

“We loved having Philip Sheppard take the Peace of Mind Storytellers stage once again this past May! He gave an inspiring talk and tied us all together through his phenomenal music.” – PeaceLove