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May 2019

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Philip delivered and performed the closing keynote at PeaceLove’s Peace of Mind Storytellers 2019 event on May 16th.

The annual Peace of Mind Storytellers event inspires conversations of acceptance, understanding, and hope. The event brings together leaders and newcomers to share their mental health stories and celebrate the work they are doing to help create peace of mind in the world. The Storytellers are poets, chefs, educators, doctors, students, actors, visual artists, producers, musicians, neuroscientists, photographers, business leaders, advocates, performance artists, entrepreneurs, dancers, and athletes, to name a few.

PeaceLove is an organization that is changing how people think about mental health. PeaceLove helps people find their voice, make meaningful connections, and discover new tools for wellness.

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“We loved having Philip Sheppard take the Peace of Mind Storytellers stage once again this past May! He gave an inspiring talk and tied us all together through his phenomenal music.” – PeaceLove 

“Phillip is one of those rare individuals that when you are in the audience you simply know you are witnessing something that is truly extraordinary and authentic at its core. Similar to how he probably conducts an orchestra at Abby Road he takes his audience on a musical journey that has many stops. And along the way, he touches the heart in an authentic, creative, and thought provoking way that leaves you on your feet wanting more.” – Jeffrey M. Sparr Artist & Co-Founder, PeaceLove Studios