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April 13, 2009

Moon Machines is on the Science Channel this week – the companion series to In the Shadow of the Moon. I wrote the music for the series last year which aired on the Discovery Channel.

Henry Mind of a Tyrant continues its run on Channel 4 this evening at 9pm with the second episode – Warrior. Channel 4 have put a series of short films, images and even (oh no…) an interview with yours truly at this site. Don’t forget the soundtrack is a free listen on this site.

Sergio is going to be shown at HotDocs in Ontario – click here for more details.

Lots of people (hundreds in fact!) have downloaded the sheet music for Crystallised Beauty this week, and I’m asking for suggestions for the next piece to be made available. Let me know at this page!

On this site, I’ve put up a couple more archive album tracks; Aqua Voce now online, together with Penitential Psalm.

Thanks for all the messages and comments – it’s great to hear from you…

0 comments on “radiomovies roundup

  1. jane on

    Hey, I love your piece that was featured in the Jane Austen promo for ITV two years ago, and would really adore you forever if you sent me the link for the mp3!
    Thanks xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Colli on

    Hey, I loved the soundtrack you made for Moon Machines, played on Discovery Science a couple of years ago. Do you know where I can listen to it?
    Many Thanks.


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