Close your eyes

July 8, 2009

Here’s an extract of a new track for solo cello, prepared piano and strings called close your eyes. If you like it you might like these tracks tooDrop me a comment below if you want to buy the single!

image by Reciprocity

Blue Attraction by Reciprocity

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I play music for the sense of solace, and sometimes the texture of a sound is enough to make you feel everything could be ok.

Layers of sound can define an architectural place in your head through suggestion and perception. The bass note in this piece is more of a feeling than a real note – try and listen with headphones if you get the chance.

If you like this kind of thing then try The Glass Cathedral, or The Diver in the Crypt… they’re coming from a similar place!

Would love to know what you think. If you like this try these:

0 comments on “Close your eyes

  1. Sylvia Davis on

    Philip, this is beautiful. It feels to me like floating in a lake on a summer afternoon looking straight up at a crisp blue sky.
    Thank you for your music…is it available to purchase somewhere?

    • radiomovies on

      I’ll send you a copy of this if you’d like. I have a couple of albums on itunes and emusic, but this is from a forthcoming album.
      Thanks for the image too – very nice

  2. Rebecca on

    I love the track. It sounds almost like the soundtrack to a dream, any dream. The different layers of music make it sound ethereal, a really nice piece 🙂

  3. Molly on

    Very nice. Thanks for posting it!
    Are the percussive sounds I hear on the downbeats pizzicato bass strings or are they from the piano? Prepared piano is one of my favorite musical effects!

  4. blarneygirl on

    I really enjoy where your music takes me!! I never feel forced into imagining what the piece is trying to convey; my heart and mind naturally follow and like a dream you’re sorry to wake from, I wish it would continue forever!

    Dead on about listening with headphones, but then again you are the professional! 😀

  5. Madison on

    I’m kind of speechless right now. It was absolutely fabulous. One of those pieces that I wish would just go on and on …

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! I LOVED it.

  6. Hannah on

    This really is a fabulous piece! I can’t help but be carried away by my imagination listening to it! Truly beautiful.

    Thank you for letting us know.

  7. Kristen on

    Absolutely beautiful and soothing music, it puts me in another place of peace and tranquility.

    Is it on a cd of yours to purchase? I’ll check out the other cd’s you mentioned.

    Thank you for the beautiful music and can’t wait to hear more.

  8. Jerry on

    Radiomovies! Wow… if you are still feeling generous, I would love a copy of Close Your Eyes…

    Simply wonderful. I can’t wait to find this on

  9. starfall on

    i love all of these. every last one, so relaxing and calm. it kind of reminds me of something id hear on the ambient radio station Drone zone on itunes.
    i looked to download these haha.

  10. David on

    thumbed up on stumbleupon…bookmarked, and slotted for further exploration. excellent work.

    it reminds me a little of explosions in the sky…but more full and rich…and less repetitive. the “close your eyes track” strongly evokes drifting in 3d space. the randomly pulsing volume and tone in the midrange and the lows especially bring out this movement.

    the horns bring out a rather classical feeling, which blends well into the calming aspect of the piece.

    i’ll be keeping tabs on you/this site.

  11. shashidhar on

    Absolutely soothing;clears the brain of clutters and
    brings in a unifying element that stabilizes the bronchial nerve.Thank you so much.

  12. PKX on

    I like these songs alot, but your “The Girl at the Piano” is still my favorite. Could you send me a download for that, or is it already on itunes? I’m a poor high school student so any help would be appreciated. T.T
    Thanks for the music!

  13. Rob on

    Very cool pieces – I’m a huge fan of the Venetian undergruond. The only thing is is that it seems to pop in and out – I’m not sure if thats my soundcard, or the flash player or anything.

    Are these available anywhere (for download or for buying?)

  14. Steven on

    Philip – I stumbled across your page by some quirk of coincidence – I absolutely love your work – it’s stunning. Have you ever thought of working with voice, or do you have any vocal pieces in your repertoire you could point me towards? I have forwarded your site to several friends in the industry – it’s extremely well put together – congrats!


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