Summer String Orchestra

August 1, 2009

Here’s a piece for nine-piece string orchestra (ie double quartet plus bass) I wrote whilst staying in Suffolk one scorching Summer.

It’s called Primary Colours [Audio]

If you’d like a copy click here for simple instructions!

Hope you like it!

0 comments on “Summer String Orchestra

  1. Jon Duffy on

    Hi Philip,

    I really love the ‘upness’ of this piece and in particular the bridge section at around 55 secs.

    Nice sort of Prokofiev echoes and liked the sweeping triplets at that point too.

    Overall it has a really nice folk dance feel to it.

    Top work!

  2. Jon Duffy on

    Hi Philip,

    Really loved the ‘upness’ this. Particularly the bridge section at about 55 secs. All the sweeping triplets.

    Had echoes of a Prokofiev piece for me too, and overall a really English folky feel.

    Great stuff and gave me a right old lift. Thanks.

  3. Jon Duffy on

    Hi Philip,

    I loved this piece. The ‘upness’ of it overall and in particular the bridge section at around 55secs.

    Felt kinda Prokofiev-ish there and the sweeping triplets are great.

    Almost like an English folk dance meets a hoedown.

    Nice work.

  4. Hannah on

    I hate to have favourites but this piece is so upbeat and optimistic I can’t help but to instantly love it! It definitely reminds me of summers gone by (certainly ones with a lot less rain). I’d love a copy!


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