Venetian Underground

September 2, 2009

Some years back I wrote a piece for Unknown Public, an awesome music magazine in a box.

It was called ‘Venetian Underground’ and was a depiction of an imaginary metro system beneath the canals of Venice. The subvapporetti would clunk along deep in the sub aqueous gloom, sometimes running grinding sparks off the undersides of gratings in church floors…

It was (I now realize) a rather steampunk idea.

But; I loved the idea more than the piece I wrote.

To address this, I’ve started work on a cycle of pieces revisiting the place in my head

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  1. Katrina on

    To me, there’s an asian influence here? Would I be right? When I listen to your music I try to just scroll past the description and form my own vision of it. Of course I totally get your inspiration and depiction of a Venetian underground, but what I see in my minds eye is a Buddhist temple or beautiful japanese garden, completely isolated and without another single soul there. Just you, nature and a spirit.
    I think it’s beautiful Philip, as always.


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