In-I score download

In-I starring Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche is playing at BAM Harvey Theater (NY) this week.

Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche

To download tracks click on the buttons on the right hand side – it’s very easy!

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If you liked this.. here’s one more chilled-out track for you:
Clear Blue – upbeat electric cello – feel free to give it the thumbs up (if you want..)!
n.b. Leave a comment below and we’ll send you links to other free tracks when they’re released.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. kerem says:

    thank you very much for this wonderful gift. i’m living in istanbul and in october i’ll go to paris to see the show. before it, this will be a great opportunity to warm up. after listening to all the tracks, i hope to write more..

    1. radiomovies says:

      Great! See you there…

  2. Torrey T. says:

    I just saw the awesome In-I performance last night at BAM here in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I can’t get enough of the Sheppard score. Thank you so much!

    1. radiomovies says:

      Hey thanks so much! I was sad not to be able to make it over to NY.. really pleased you liked it though
      best wishes

  3. Molly says:

    Excellent as usual. Love the way the first part starts – really drew me into the piece! It takes a lot of skill to tastefully blend the musical with the theatrical. Makes me wish In-I would come to Chicago so I can see it! Thanks so much for the downloads.

    Btw, really enjoying “His Master’s Voice” on Soundcloud – recently composed a live-performed piece involving a record player myself, so I very much appreciate the sound! 🙂

  4. marie says:

    Saw the performance Saturday at the Harvey in Brooklyn ..
    Words are lacking .. the music was palpable, it was as present in the space as the 2 performers , enhanced by the light ..
    True emotion , True beauty , True In I ..
    Thank you

  5. Dov Waterman says:

    Sublime! I love the hang drum that comes in half way through the first track.

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