Jeff Buckley Feature on BBC Radio 4

The forthcoming Radio 4 programme Soul Music features Jeff Buckley’s amazing Meltdown performance of Dido’s Lament.
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It’s on Tuesday 9th March at 1.30 pm. I’m afraid I’m on there too raving about the man!

Here’s a previous article I wrote with a shaky bootleg recording too…

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  1. Just another Jeff fan says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to hear what you have to say. I really enjoyed your previous article on the subject. Do you know if BBC is airing the bootleg or a quality soundboard recording? Also, were there any video cameras filming Jeff’s performance that day?


  2. Oh, no. Not Another Jeff Fan says:

    It’s the soundboard. Gotcha.

  3. Jeff Fan Again says:

    Just finished listening to it. Such a great reflection on Purcell’s masterpiece. Thank you for the lovely segment. You made my day. 🙂 I also really enjoyed your insight on how Jeff seemed to sing in complete abandon.

    1. radiomovies says:

      Thanks so much.
      He was an incredible singer – just so happy to have been on the edge of such a moment!

  4. david odell says:

    Caught the last two mins at lunchtime when in car. What can one say? Special man, special gifts, died and lives in a special way.

  5. Hilary Bower says:

    Please could you let me know if I can buy a recording of Jeff Buckley singing Dido’s Lament
    Thank you
    Hilary Bower

  6. Spannerman says:

    I was driving my builders’ van home when you talked about and played jeff Buckley singing Dido’s lament on R4. I had to pull over because my eyes welled up and I became overcome by the beauty of it. (Honest) I couldn’t hear the words properly and I’d never heard of you or Jeff Buckley before. My search attempts on iTunes using as many combinations of your names, including Elvis showed nothing. Can you give me a clue as to where I can obtain this recording? It’ sublime.

  7. Liz says:

    Just heard it on Soul Music, have always loved Janet Bakers version, but this was something else, wonderful, visceral almost animal. Very, very moving. Can I get a copy?

    1. David Lever says:

      I heard Jeff Buckley on soul Music , it was the most moving piece of music I’ve ever heard. I would love to have a quality recording of it.

  8. adam says:

    Philip what a story…I too was driving when I heard you describe Jeff Buckley’s arrival at the rehearsal. I thought you were exaggerating until they played the recording. Unbelieveable. I had to pull over.

    Do you have any idea where we can get the best recording…was it ever officially recorded or are there just bootlegs?

    1. radiomovies says:

      I’m going to try to tackle this somewhat thorny question in a forthcoming email on my mailing list..!
      Sign up and I’ll keep yopu posted

  9. Stuart Brown says:

    was bombarded with classical as a nipper- did not work.
    But this has got me moist for opera.
    yours the only black Scottish opera fan !
    Smitten, never has the loss of another been so turned into outstanding Art.
    thank you Jeff, for turning pain into JOY.

  10. Peter Banks says:

    Good to hear your honest and candid contribution on Soul Music re JB… challenging and moving. Written about it on my blog, too, along with another youtube version. PB

  11. Paul says:

    Im really looking for this “new” soundboard version! I hope somebody can help me out..


  12. Rachel Darwazeh says:

    A friend of mine heard soul music in March and instantly became a Jeff Buckey fan. Very sadly she died in May following a car accident and her family had wanted to play Dido’s lament at her funeral but no recordings seem to be available and the program itself is not available any longer on the BBC website. Any new of recording(s) coming out would be very welcome

    1. radiomovies says:

      Dear Rachel
      that is absolutely tragic. I’ll try get a version to you.
      take care

      1. Rachel Darwazeh says:

        Dear Phil,

        Many thanks.


      2. Rachel Darwazeh says:

        Dear Phil,

        I am sorry not to have replied sooner as I had been off line for a while.

        I think her family would really appreciate a copy of the recording or news of a commercial release – I notice it has been taken of You Tube for copyright reasons which suggests one of the record companies is about to cash in on popular demand for a recording, probably as a result of your programme. I know one of her sons looked very hard on the web to find out more.

        Best wishes, Rachel

  13. Claire Rickards says:

    Any news on any version of this wonderful performance?

  14. helen says:

    I too was driving when I heard this. I wonder how many people pulled over at the same time as I did. What you were saying had me fascinated. Then when I heard Jeff Buckley singing I was more moved than I’ve ever been by a piece of music. I had never heard of him before.
    Surely this music will be released sometime ?????

  15. Geraldine Legard says:

    I listened to Pick of the Year on Radio4 today with crossed fingers and bated breath. Very difficult when cooking Christmas dinner. I was about to give up hope when Jeff Buckley singing Dido’s Lament came on as the last item. Only criticism – it was such a short clip. However, it made me thing that my frequent reminder emails to the Radio4 Pick of the Week website must have made an impression. I know there were lots of other people out there requesting too, so – result everyone! Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone. x

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