Manchester Passion – a Show for Easter

On a chilly night in Manchester, a few years ago…

As it’s Good Friday, I thought I’d post this…

I had the honour of being involved in ‘The Manchester Passion’, a live re-enactment of the easter story on the streets of Manchester.
I wrote the music for the event, arrangements of songs by The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Joy Division et al.
We used no drums or guitars and it was one of those projects when (on the night) everything kind of clicked…

In amongst the rampant consumerism of Easter, this was an attempt to remember why we spend a fortune on bad chocolate…

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  1. Steve H says:

    Philip (if I may),
    Thanks for this. Speaking as a Baptist minister and an academic theologian, I still remember this broadcast as the single best piece of religious broadcasting I have ever seen. Thanks for your part in making it so.
    Steve Holmes
    (University of St Andrews)

  2. Rebecca says:

    I thought this was the best piece of television I have ever seen, I was amazed at how fitting all the chosen music was. Thank you for posting the video to allow me to watch it again. I have lost my taped video and have been trying to find out where I could buy a copy ever since – it is something I would love to own – very moving and just fantastic drama. I loook out for it hopefully every Good Friday, don’t think they showed it after 2007….

    1. radiomovies says:

      Thanks Rebecca
      We all loved producing this show, and it’s great to see the effect it had. The atmosphere in the city square was electric, and I’ll never forget it!
      We showed it at Greenbelt too and the crowd were great.

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