Key Matters BBC Radio 4

September 22, 2010

Image by Andrew Lee

Today, 15:45 on BBC Radio 4 (FM only) UK

In this second series of Key Matters, presenter Ivan Hewett explores the question of why certain musical keys have become associated with particular moods. For example, why is A major almost always employed by composers to write optimistic, even ecstatic music? And how has E minor become the key of choice for portraying menace and tragedy?

Cellist and composer Philip Sheppard defines the qualities of E minor on Wednesday with music ranging from Brahms, Elgar and Shostakovich to The Clash.

Produced in Birmingham by Rosie Boulton.

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  1. Leo on

    A spellbinding few minutes that made me feel and understand aspects of music that I had only glossed over before……. Excellent !! Very well expressed.


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