November 5, 2011

Whilst everyone’s looking skywards for stray fireworks… (it’s Guy Fawkes night tonight!) here’s a little piece I wrote for Inside the Milky Way. It’s called skysong. If you like it – you can download it by clicking the arrow on the right!

The amazing violin solo is my friend David Le Page. Total genius musician…

Lots of you have been writing in about my soundtracks to Moon Machines and the score to Inside the Milky Way. I really enjoyed writing the music for those shows and if enough of you want it… I’ll get a digital release underway. Let me know though…

Please share this if you like it or look at my other albums on Bandcamp & iTunes!

Thanks… Philip

Philip Sheppard 4/11/2011

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  1. Martin on

    I cannot stress how much I would like to obtain the score for Inside the Milky Way. I can’t look up at the night sky without hearing it in my head ever since I first watched that wonderful film. I would have bought the score by now if it had been available; and possibly would have even bought it for other people as a gift. I have mercilessly combed through the comment section on the webpage you made which lets us play some samples, hoping to hear from you or others about its availability. I have also mercilessly come to that page to play the sample tracks over and over, especially that beautiful “How Deep is Deep?” track. You absolutely must press National Geographic or whatever entity necessary for a digital release!

    I have not heard the soundtrack for Moon Machines, but I much enjoy most of your music and would definitely be interested in it as well. Skysong is very pleasant; great work!

    Cheers – Hope all is well

  2. AlekD on

    I love the soundtrack of “inside the milky way”… a music of another world, it’s incredible !!! thank you so much for this beauty !

  3. Rod Graves on

    Listened to the title tune for “Inside The milky Way”, over and over, too many times to count. Yes, I love it that much. Problem is I don’t know the name of it. Spent two hours calling National Geographic and internet searching, but to no avail. Someone please help. I am enjoying “Across The Milky Way” as we speak, again, over and over…lol.

    • radiomovies on

      I know this sounds crazy, but I’m not sure… I don’t have copy of the series as Nat Geo didn’t bother sending it to me! However, I’ll try to find out asap…! Thanks so much for getting in touch
      best Philip


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