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June 25, 2012

I’ve just launched a new project with my friends The Milk and dubstep pioneer Benga. It’s a soundtrack to your journey if you’re travelling from Victoria to Gatwick. It’s called Espressivo.

It’s a free download with a ticket for the train (if you book online). There’s rather a clever site for it here. Benga and The Milk took my 35 minute track and re-imagined it in a totally new fashion…

I’ve always wanted to do something like this, ever since I first heard Night Mail, the early experimental film featuring Benjamin Britten and W.H.Auden. If you haven’t heard it recently, take a look here.

I’ve always loved John Betjeman’s love letter to the Metropolitan Line, Metroland

This film, Let’s go to Birmingham makes me laugh too… especially as I can glimpse my village at 960mph at one point!

Hope you like it…!

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  1. Kathy Lehman on

    Dear Mr. Sheppard,
    I LOVE your arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. Althought it IS my national anthem, it is a ridiculously hard song to perform and to listen to (at times). Your subtle changes is harmony are wonderful. I actually LIKE listening to your arrangement, whereas, others I simply tolerate. THANK YOU!!

  2. Gene Harrel on

    Please, please, please release the soundtrack to Moon Machines! I love the music! It fits so well with the excitement that was the Apollo program.


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