Philip Sheppard scores Star Wars trailer

July 11, 2015

Star wars celloI’ve always loved Star Wars, so was rather delighted when Disney & JJ Abrams requested to use some music I’d composed for the new Star Wars Force Awakens trailer/ teaser (behind the scenes) film as revealed at Comic Con in San Diego last night.

The piece they used is a reworking of a track I wrote called ‘Epiphany’. It’s now called The Force Epiphany, and it’s on an EP I’m releasing called Strange News from Another Star. The wonderful images with the tracks are by my friend Trey Ratcliff.

Here’s the trailer:

Philip Sheppard 2015

9 comments on “Philip Sheppard scores Star Wars trailer

  1. Greg on

    Not seen the trailer yet, but this gives me a feeling of the quietness and stillness and vastness of voyaging through interplanetary space 🙂

  2. Christine on

    OMG I was at that SW Comic-Con panel and I fell in love with your track! I couldn’t figure it out, but I’m glad I FINALLY found you before the release of the film! Thank you for your work!


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