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Chosen Road

June 12, 2018

Chosen Road from Fall From Earth – by Philip Sheppard – Clio Gould Violinist

For Clio Gould

This track was written in a single afternoon just before our Abbey Road Sessions for my album Fall From Earth.

I had just had confirmation from Dominic Kelly – my orchestra contractor – that Clio Gould would be leading the orchestra for my recordings. I knew I had to write something special for her.

I’ve known Clio’s playing for most of my life – in fact, we first played together when we were 15 years old.

Even then, her sound was utterly and totally breathtaking and I’ve been in love with her playing ever since. Her sound is effortless, silken, chocolatey and quite unlike anybody else.

Chosen Road is about the paths that you take and the routes that you choose through life. Sometimes the going is hard, but the views can take your breath away.

Clio is the greatest violinist in the world. This is my way of saying thank you to her.

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Featuring Clio Gould (solo violin) with the English Session Orchestra conducted by Philip Sheppard

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