Juliette Binoche & Akram Khan In-I Soundtrack now online

February 14, 2009

The dance project In-I starring Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche continues its world tour – taking in venues from Beijing to Sydney. I’ve worked with Akram for a number of years now, as a cellist and writer. Our previous project together was Sacred Monsters in which he partnered Sylvie Guillem.

Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche

My score for In-I uses lots of multitracked cello, prepared piano and electric cello as well as samples of Juliette’s voice which is, to say the least highly lyrical.

I promised I’d put the score online – so here it is!

Casanova to steps to love[Audio http://radiomovies.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/aj1-casanova-sep-51.mp3]

Skin solo[Audio http://radiomovies.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/aj8-skin-solo.mp3]

The apotheosis[Audio http://radiomovies.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/the-apotheosis.mp3]

I may make these files downloadable if possible – let me know if that’s preferred.

The show has a truly exceptional design team in artist Anish Kapoor and lighting designer, Michael Hulls.

Michael has recently been working with the genius Robert LePage and is (to my mind) the Howard Hodgkin of the illumination world.

Other links:

Here are some highlights from the show presently on youtube:

Excerpts from an interview with Juliette here:


0 comments on “Juliette Binoche & Akram Khan In-I Soundtrack now online

  1. Janet Catesby on

    Have just seen In-I at Sydney Opera House, and was totally taken by the music…
    The timing, moods, everything was absolutely great, and this has prompted me to search out who composed this lovely music.
    I have listened to some of your other music and
    I love it.
    It is modern, fresh, artistic, colourful and passionate.
    You have a fan here.

    Having found

  2. Irmina on

    I went to see the In-i show all the way from Cracow to Paris and was absolutely amazed with it, including the music, of course.I kept looking for the score since then, so when I saw you put it here I was so happy!Thank you for beeing that kind and sharing your brilliant work.I’d be grateful if you could upload some more.

    I wish you all the best!
    Thank you.

  3. Steven Reynolds on

    Saw “In-I” last week here in Sydney and was particularly impressed by the score. Thanks for such wonderful work, and for making it available online.

  4. Christine on

    I saw In-I October last year in London and saw it again last night in Hong Kong and was still fasinated by it, the passionate music, the beat and the rich, colourful and tender at the same time, I love the cello part the most,,,it makes you like yearning for soemthing but then sad in a way,,,it’s hard to explain the mixed feeling of listening to the score,,,but you sure did a great job here! Keep going! Please do make it downloandable or may be it will be released later in the market?

  5. Jo Leung on

    watched de show this week in hk ~ my frd highly recommends this show to me so i went to watch it which her again (she watched it in London oredi)! watta good show! JB’s performance is amazing ~ cant imagine its de 1st time to perform dance show ~ furthermore, de visual effect n musik r reli reli gd ~ which made urself into de story itself! is it possible to buy de OST online? or make it downloadable here? anyway Support In-I all da way!!!


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