Tracks and albums go online

112I like sites with long streamed mp3s where I can listen to music while I work – kind of webpage radio stations for each album, show or film project (where I own the tracks or have permission from the publishers). I’ve had lots of nice requests for the scores to recent stage shows, and I don’t want to charge people for the music – especially if they’ve already paid for a ticket!

I’ve had a really encouraging response from posts such as this.

So..  I’ll post tracks along with all their associated images and artwork.

So far, lead tracks from The Glass Cathedral and Diver in the Crypt are up. Their B sides, and other album tracks will get posted soon, but I’ll also be adding the full sets of Jane Austen piano pieces, more electric cello works,  string pieces and recent stage shows.

Sacred Monsters which starred Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan will be put here soon, as a partner to In-I which is getting nice reviews for the score – it’s playing this week at the Sydney Opera House.

Transmission dates for the new David Starkey series on Channel 4 are to be announced soon, as well as news about Moon Machines, Shadow of the Moon and a recent project, Dream with Korean Director Kim Ki-Duk.

In the meantime here’s a string orchestra piece (written in Suffolk..!) called Primary Colours:[Audio

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  1. Jon Warner says:

    I just wanted to say I am astonished. I find your music incredible. I love stumbling across little known gems and from the Henry VIII series I have found your MySpace page and now the In The Shadow of the Moon soundtrack. On top of that I discover you are responsible for the Olympic handover cermony music, which again I loved and spot includes a sample from Henry VIII. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to what joys are to come.

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