Tracks and albums go online

February 24, 2009

112I like sites with long streamed mp3s where I can listen to music while I work – kind of webpage radio stations for each album, show or film project (where I own the tracks or have permission from the publishers). I’ve had lots of nice requests for the scores to recent stage shows, and I don’t want to charge people for the music – especially if they’ve already paid for a ticket!

I’ve had a really encouraging response from posts such as this.


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  1. Jon Warner on

    I just wanted to say I am astonished. I find your music incredible. I love stumbling across little known gems and from the Henry VIII series I have found your MySpace page and now the In The Shadow of the Moon soundtrack. On top of that I discover you are responsible for the Olympic handover cermony music, which again I loved and spot includes a sample from Henry VIII. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to what joys are to come.


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