Broadcasts, films and shows this week

London Calling – Part one of Building the Olympic Dreambadge

Tonight – 4th March 09 on BBC2 at 9pm

Features my score for the London Symphony Orchestra ‘This is London’ which was based on several well-known traditional British songs as well as The Shipping Forecast (as read by Zeb Soanes) and, of course, the Greenwich Time Signal. There’s also a new arrangement of the UK National Anthem (in order to make it a bit more lyrical). Also should be a chance to hear the version of Whole Lotta Love I worked on with the LSO, Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis (with the correct clear sound… rather than what was broadcast!).

Much more about the show here

Documentary about In-I premieres this week on French TV

Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche
Akram Khan and Juliette Binoche

Jeudi 5 mars 2009 à 23h50 sur France 2

L’Actrice et le Danseur de Marion Stalens

Juliette Binoche, Akram Khan. Une immense actrice, un chorégraphe de renommée internationale. Une Française, un Anglais originaire du Bangladesh. Un homme, une femme, une rencontre.

Les deux artistes partagent le même goût du risque. Ensemble, ils vont créer un spectacle aux frontières du théâtre et de la danse. Ils ont quatre mois de répétitions pour tout inventer…

In-I opens in Hong Kong this week after finishing its run at the Sydney Opera House

04/03/2009 20:00     Academy Lyric Theatre
05/03/2009 20:00     Academy Lyric Theatre
06/03/2009 20:00     Academy Lyric Theatre

Presenter:    Hong Kong Arts Festival

In The Shadow of the Moon plays in Japan and Germanycd-japan

In the Shadow of the Moon is still playing in cinemas in Japan as ‘The Moon’, and in Germany as Im Schatten des Mondes. With the Lunar landing 40th anniversary approaching, it looks like Moon Machines (the follow-up series) may well get another airing too.

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