Harrison’s Chronometer online

New tracks added!chron1

There are some new tracks added this week from past albums including Harrison’s Chronometer which I released as the other track on the EP length Glass Cathedral album, way back in 1999.

You’ll find them all in the sidebar to the right under Pages, including The Diver in the Crypt and In-I stage show.

Soon to come… the score of Sacred Monsters, (the Sylvie Guillem Akram Khan dance piece) and a very weird piece I wrote about the Venetian Underground System…

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  1. christina McGilligan-Fell says:

    Harrison’s Chronometer is a superb piece of music which would compliment the John Harrison Foundation website which is in the design stage. I hope that Philip Sheppard will consent to the use of this b side of the Glass Cathedral to enhance what the JHF is setting out to acheive. It would compliment Harrison’s own work for once being a Master of music as is Philip Sheppard.

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