Pssst! pass it on….

March 10, 2009

This animation is pretty gory.. but cool. When it gets to the more gothic 3rd section you can hear a piece of mine called keep walking

If you like it – the full track is below plus the link to the mp3 if you’d rather hear it on your personal gramophone!

listen to the full length track here:[Audio]

This from BoingBoing:

In “Legends of Exos” we are launched into a psychedelic land of stained glass, tracking a warrior on his way to battle. His attack segues into a lovable world of fuzzy woodland creatures but concludes with a finale that Burton fans will find comforting.

PSST!3 Pass It On is collaborative film project is composed of 17 films made by 51 teams of directors and animators from around the globe. Each film is broken into three parts — beginning, middle, and end — and each part is created by a different team.

download mp3


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