radiomovies latest roundup…

obj17geo17pg1p10I’ve just been finishing the soundtrack for the new David Starkey series for Channel 4, entitled Henry VIII: The Mind of a Tyrant . The music features the viol consort Fretwork and vocal consort  Alamire. The series screens for four weeks around Easter. Here’s one of the tracks O Dolce Nocte: [Audio The 2012 Olympics Documentary London calling from the Building the Dream series finally aired, (it made me dig out my videos from Beijing).

The Psst! Pass it on animation project has screenings in LA, New York and london. Here’s a peak at the twisted animation that uses a track of mine called keep walking, which is now a free download on my piano page. Listen here:[Audio continues its world tour – this week it’s showing in Japan.

My friend Chris Riley (In the Shadow of the Moon) has just published a great article about the maiden flight of the Apollo Lunar Module. It’s here on the BBC website.

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