Another unlikely foray into fashion

Lily Donaldson video by Nick Knight & Ruth Hogben for ShowStudio using Mechanical Waltz by Philip Sheppard

I’ve been involved with a few projects with Nick Knight and his team at ShowStudio – despite my being to the fashion world what Boris Johnson is to speed skating…

The most insanely enjoyable of these was a project where we made 24 films in 24 hours – where the great John Gosling (Mekon) and I  provided the live music. I ended up being styled by the head of YSL – Stefano Pilati (I was probably the chubbiest person he’s ever dealt with) and the whole photoshoot & film shoot was turned into a catalogue for Yves Saint Laurent.

He’s a real gent.

Just found a scene from that session… Jessica Miller looks at me as if she’s used to being written on while a random cellist plays at her…ysl2

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