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Henry – Mind of a Tyrant

David Starkey and his dog Ledger at home in London. Photograph: John Reardon

I’ve just come back from the dubbing sessions (when the audio is finalised with pictures) for the new David Starkey series on Henry VIII.

I’m really excited about the series. Can’t say too much here, but, most of the soundtrack will appear shortly on this site as an audio stream.

It features Alamire, Fretwork, Charles Mutter and Dot Allison amongst others.

Dot Allison

Here’s a sneak preview of one of the lead tracks Ultimi[Audio

New Piano track

Here’s a newly released track playing with the idea of piano touch – it’s a little rhapsody about Glenn Gould [Audio

If you like this, there’s a whole page of piano tracks…

Sheet Music

Hundreds of people have downloaded the Crystallised Beauty sheet music this week. I’ll put some of the other piano pieces online as scores as soon as I get a chance… watch this space!

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  1. Hi Philip,
    Your piece Ultimi is very beautiful, really looking forward to seeing the Henry VIII series… I am a composer and your work has been really inspiring – if you had a chance to look at my wordpress site and give any ideas/feedback to the music I’d be really grateful!
    Very best,

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