Living Frontier at Hadrian's Wall

May 27, 2009

If you’re near Hadrian’s Wall this Saturday night, you may hear Romans, Reivers, and Vikings fighting in time to my music – (well it makes a change from ballet!)

The Living Pageant is a rather unique event, involving hundreds of re-enactors, some very new technology, and a rather impressive bit of Roman brickwork.

I’ve pre-recorded the score, but will be mixing it as a live soundtrack, using some familiar technology, and a ridiculous number of laptops. I’m hoping the effect will be that of a live film…

I’m driving the score together with Peter Gregson, and we’re using a combination of Ableton and Logic (and hopefully not itunes…)

Here’s one of the more mellow moments – The Derwent Ballad as played by the excellent violinist Elspeth Hansen, (and yours truly)[Audio]

Download from here

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