Philip Sheppard Composer

May 28, 2009

PHILIP SHEPPARDPhilip Sheppard is a composer specializing in film and television soundtracks. He is also a solo cellist and a Professor at the Royal Academy of Music.

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Recent films include In the Shadow of the Moon (which won numerous awards including the World Documentary Prize at Sundance), Henry Mind of a Tyrant for David Starkey

3 comments on “Philip Sheppard Composer

  1. Alexander Donahoe on

    Hello, I love listening to your soundtrack to In the Shadow of the Moon and recently rewatched it. I noticed at the time stamp 27:00 minutes in there is a piece that isn’t in the released soundtrack. Do you have this piece elsewhere available for purchase or is it randomly in there without a name?
    Thank you
    Alexander Donahoe

    • on

      I’ll look! Thanks for the heads up… I really can’t recall without re-watching. Thanks for writing


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