Christmas music in space!

Here are a couple of Christmas tracks to download by way of thanks for all the great support this year!

Here’s a track called ‘Look Up’ (download using the down button on the right):

This is all about the happiness of flying down a mountain when your heart is full to bursting… Cady Coleman the wonderful astronaut is taking this track up into orbit on the International Space Station this week.

Think of her as she makes her incredible commute on the Soyuz rocket.

I’ve had a great month writing music in Oman as I worked on the sound design of the 40th anniversary celebrations, and have just completed my first album with Evelyn Glennie the percussion virtuoso. There’s a huge project next year which is very very hush hush but it involves being locked in a studio for two weeks conducting a symphony orchestra… more soon!

If you’re going to the Sundance Film Festival – here are two films I’ve got showing there:
And if you follow the Oscars, the Tillman Story has been shortlisted for the best Documentary!

And… Here’s a carol I wrote called ‘the Orange Tree’… please download if you like.

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The robin laughed in the orange-tree:
“Ho, windy North, a fig for thee:
While breasts are red and wings are bold
And green trees wave us globes of gold,
Time’s scythe shall reap but bliss for me
Sunlight, song, and the orange-tree.

Have a peaceful, wonderful Christmas and stay in touch!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful music in this Yule-tide part of the year. May we retweet your message?
    Wishing you lots of inspiration in 2011.
    DickV Oorlab – Netherlands

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