Inside the Milky Way

October 24, 2010

Click here for a track from the show.

This is an image of what the skies may look like when our sun starts dying in the future… and it’s a striking scene in ‘Inside the Milky Way’ which airs tonight on the National Geographic channel.

I wrote the score for this beautiful-looking programme and it gave me a chance to play around with large clockwork-like swathes of music, mainly based on Bach and Handel.

STOP PRESS! Single available here!

Inside the Milky way airs at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel.. Hope you like it!

All tracks ┬ęPhilip Sheppard 2010

21 comments on “Inside the Milky Way

  1. Tomektdk on

    Hi. Just perfect.
    Can please someone extract more from this soundtrack?
    Especially the one played during Earth travel to another part of the Milky Way

  2. Lauren Cocilova on

    The music for this show was so moving and stirring, I just had to find out who’d done it. Please tell me this soundtrack will be available on CD or in some other obtainable format at some point? It’s so beautiful!


  3. Thomas on

    Amazing soundtrack! I just rewatched this episode and was amazed once again. Are you planning on releasing the full score? It would make my life. Best regards, Thomas

  4. tenrragan on

    Hello Phillip,

    i love all the songs from this documentary. Where can i buy it? Please tell me because what you wrote is simply just beautiful and i love it

  5. Michael R. on

    Hello Phillip, where it is possible to buy or download all soundtracks from the documentary film “Inside The Milkyway”?

    – Yours faithfully, Michael R.-

  6. Christopher Wilson on

    I saw the film and really loved the music based on a super fast performance of the Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no 6.

  7. jahal on

    Dear Philip,

    we are waiting for the full release of other soundtracks, we will appreciate it so much if you upload them as soon as you can. thank you

  8. magic on

    In the last seconds of the second minute a violin starts to play! It’s awesome and is beautifully compatible with the background pictures. The whole sound track is so exiting and enthralling and amazingly makes you feel that you are in the space with those shimmering stars! congratulations to the composer for this piece of art!
    Please can anybody introduce me some musicians whose type of music is the same as this documentary?
    A fan from Iran.

    • Thomas on

      This soundtrack made me think of Vivaldi, The Four Seasons as recomposed by Max Richter. The whole album is amazing but Spring 1 is my favourite and resembles this soundtrack a bit.

      It begins with a short intro, followed by the first piece of spring and the rest of the album:
      Hope you like it!

      I still hope that someday the soundtrack will be released.

  9. lobstertube on

    Embark on an astounding journey across 100,000 light-years to witness key moments in the history of the Milky Way. Using cutting-edge science, National Geographic constructs a 3-D state-of-the-art CGI model of our galaxy. Gaze into the heart of the Milky Way on the hunt for super-massive black holes. Witness as stars are born and die. Fly out and above the plane of our galaxy to understand its true shape and scour its dusty spiral arms for the possibility of life.


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