Human Universe Soundtrack

October 7, 2014

Here’s a preview of my score for Human Universe featuring Professor Brian Cox, which debuts tonight on BBC2.

We’re going to release the soundtrack on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital music platforms shortly.

If you’d like to receive a one-off email when this is released, just leave us a short message below naming your favourite track.

You’ll get a free download of one of my other film scores by way of thanks.

And, you’ll really be helping us, as the most popular track will become the first track on the album.

229 comments on “Human Universe Soundtrack

  1. nbickford on

    The Petra Theor[u]m and the buildup of Taking Flight are both great, but I’d have to give it to Petra. (Leaving the Village deserves far more than its 11 plays, though)

  2. Benjamin on

    There’s something especially arresting in Song of the Earth, which makes it a great climax. Crafting the album, I wouldn’t put it first for that very reason.

  3. Robert O'Sullivan on

    I don’t know what track it is but its in the episode ‘are we alone’. A woman is singing solo with quiet music in the background. She reminds me of Dido.

  4. Alex on

    I don’t know the name of the song or if it is indeed one of your compositions but the female singer says “waiting for you” over what I’d term an ambient track. This was aired 21 October 2014. It was lovely.

    • David on

      Hi Alex
      I really liked the same track….hauntingly evocative.
      Its series 1 ep 3 about 50 mins.
      The lyrics are “The River”: Chromatics. But this track sounds quite different..perhaps a different singer and music reworked…I wondered if it had been rerecorded in the style from Human Universe but am waiting on an answer as we speak.regards David

  5. Matt Wilkins on

    I love what you’ve done around the recorded pieces, especially the Navajo hymn

    I think my favourite is THE PETRA THEORUM

    Liking the soundtrack on the show lots. Lots of depth and intrigue.

    Well done. 🙂

  6. adamb on

    Voyager Dust for me. Hint of Burial with what sounds like the vinyl as well. Great to have been able to identify Chromatics from posts below.

  7. Sam on

    Petra is brilliant as is capsule pursuit. I would love to know the names of the pieces towards the end of the third episode when he is on easter Island!

  8. Ricky on

    Ad Aqua I think is my favourite after an initial listen, lovely music. However I still can’t find the exact song I’m looking for from the show, which is in the ‘Are We Alone’ episode. Its used fairly often in it especially near the start. Is this the full track listing that will be released or is there more? Thanks for the great music! 😀

  9. jim on

    Loving the soundtrack. Favourite track is ‘predetermined’. Also love that Chromatics track! Would love to receive an email once you release the soundtrack, thanks.

  10. russfran on

    I have only just come across your work (Not sure how) through Human Universe. Exceptional music and a pleasure to the ears. My favorite is ‘Voyager Dust’ but it sounded a little different on ‘Are We Alone’ to the one on your soundcloud? Either way, it’s an amazing piece along with all the other tracks. Thank you!!

  11. brendan on

    love that music. I can’t find the piece of music I really like which is used in the television series. It is played in episode 4 and exactly 31 mins into it when describing the solar system?

  12. S on

    I really enjoyed the scoring of the series. The music put my mind in a sort of melancholic mode that made the story that Brian was telling more powerful. Looking forward to the album.

    At the moment my favorite is “The Atlassian” gives me chills.

      • Mr Lazy on

        Excellent, is it included in the Human Universe soundtrack? if not, will it be available to purchase/download separately? I’ve realised that I’m in love with the same piece of music as Brendan above. Episode 4, 32 mins, very stirring, although it’s played at least once in all the episodes.

  13. GWG on

    Hello Philip,
    I absolutely love the score and was very pleased to find it here (although I’m looking forward to getting my own copy!) I think as a whole it unites beautiful sound, voice and thought from humanity and melds it into an uplifting and inspiring tone which greatly complements the series and stands alone.


    I think my favourite track is ‘Navajo Hymn’, although like some of the commentors above I’m sure there’s a track or two missing?

  14. Sam on

    What is the instrumental song played in both are we alone when he throws the stones up and talks about parallel civilisations not living long enough to meet each other and also in place in space in time when he talks about the size of Milky Way galaxy and position of our solar system near the Orion arm? Is it one of those songs because I don’t recognise it


  15. bellhay on

    Great music! I’m also trying to find some other electronic background music in episode 3 that starts around 28:15 and goes for about a minute…

  16. Jan on

    Can’t really decide if I should choose “Arrowhead Star” or the “Navajo Hymn” as my favorite as it’d largely depend on my current mood.
    But both are closely followed by “The Petra Theorum” and “Earthrise”.

    And the “ISS Overture” is my least favorite piece – esp. the first 1:30

  17. Ed Hutchings on

    My favourite track is ‘The Atlassian’. Which is the one that plays when Brian is in the cave at the beginning of the last episode? I can’t find it in the above playlist. Great stuff Phillip.

  18. Tammy on

    I think my favourite is earth rise. Very hard decision really. it’s very close as I love quite a few of the tracks on this album.

  19. Gareth Oliver on

    Loving the series, but struck throughout by the album’s power to draw me in. I’m 37 years old and actually for the 1st time found myself gettin a bit emotional to the pairing of both…primarily the music! Can’t wait for the album please let me know when it’s out and well done! ?

  20. Michael on

    I love “Your Eyes Have Your Age”. However, I hope someone can help me with a different track. I sought out Philip’s work having been inspired by Human Universe, and I’m so glad I did. But the piece I was after doesn’t appear to be on the album. 6 mins 24 seconds into here: It’s really short, but If anyone could help I’d love to know the title and where I can get it.

    Strangely, I hadn’t realised I was already a fan of Philip Sheppard, it’s only having read through this site that I found I’ve been listening to his influence for years. I love his work with Uncle, and represents some of the best collaborations from James Lavelle.

  21. Ian Barlow on

    I found some of these tracks tear-sheddingly beautiful. ‘Your Eyes Have Your Age’ and ‘The Cave’ are my favourites, but only by a small margin as I loved it all. Congratulations on this fine piece of work. 🙂

  22. dboi10 on

    What a brilliant soundtrack you’ve created!!
    I’m really looking forward to listening to it all on Spotify soon I hope?

    Really love the chromatics song , could you let us know the exact version? Or is it remixed by yourself?

  23. Stu on

    I think Capsule Pursuit is my favourite, though it’s a close call… Could easily be Taking Flight or The Petra Theorum… All are great

  24. Pash on

    Philip will you include the track that occurs 55.24mins into episode tube when Brian Cox explains the inevitability of there being a human universe resulting from inflation? Arrow head star is close and has some of the motifs, but this particular piece is I think unique to that particular episode. Genius!

  25. Rob Hitchman on

    This series has really connected with me and has left me deeply moved at the sheer wonder of the cosmos. This is in no small part down to the magnificent, breathtaking soundtrack which complements the imagery beautifully just as the most powerful movies manage to do. The show leaves me with a lump in my throat at the sheer majesty and childlike wonder of it all. In fact, I can’t wait to have children of my own just to present this series to them! Simply stunning. Fave track is Earthrise.

  26. Simon on

    The Atlassian is outstanding. Who is the vocalist? Had to email the BBC to find out details of the soundtrack – didn’t realise you did it all! Congratulations on a superb score.

  27. David on

    It seems like quite a few people can’t find a particular track referenced in a few places on this thread. It’s one of the most played in the series but I can’t find it 🙁 It’s at Episode 3 (52m25s) and Episode 5 (3m40s). Anyone know the name?!?

      • radiomovies on

        You’re welcome! [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

      • PAUL PHILLIPS on

        Hey Philip, I just realised the soundtrack to ‘In the shadow of The Moon’ is yours. This documentary is as equally as powerful as Brian’s wonderful series……not least for the touching music you have composed. Is the music available anywhere? Thanks, Paul.

      • Mr Lazy on

        At last! One of the most beautiful, stirring pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Thanks for uploading. It’s about time the download was released so we can buy it, hint hint! 🙂

  28. Thomas on

    Dear Phillip,

    Joy overcame me when I found out another great album has been out by you. Your music is of deep inspiration to me and you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve listened to your soundtracks and albums especially In the Shadow of the Moon. It’s helped me to start pursuing a career in spaceflight.
    Galaxia is my favorite song of the album so far.
    Thank you so much for your amazing work.

    All the best


  29. Hugo Pipping on

    This is one excellent soundtrack all in all. Truly well done! Thank you.
    It’s really hard to pick a favourite out of the lot, but since I’m pressed to make a choice I’ll hesitantly go for “The Petra Theorum” as it somehow perhaps best encapsulated the feeling of the entire series in its exquisite buildup, lovely melody and creation of a sense of grand wonder.

  30. Patrick on

    Superb, touching and inspiring. Difficult to decide on a favourite, there is a lot on these tracks to like but I’d go for Navajo Hymn or Arrowhead Star

  31. Richard on

    Only just started watching the series and was instantly moved by your music, wonderful. I’m a video editor and always cutting stuff to music. Love the main theme and the power in ‘Earthrise’. Thanks.

  32. Tony Schumacher on

    So hard to choose a favourite. Earthrise is definitely up there, but for an opening Along Rails and Arrowhead Star both have that sense of embarking us on the journey from planetary to astronomical.

  33. Jessica on

    I absolutely loved one of the songs in the first episode. I can’t now watch this episode to tell you what minute it comes in (as its no longer available on iPlayer), but it sounds like a female call to prayer. Its beautiful! Can anyone tell me where I can listen to it?

  34. Felipe on

    Your eyes have your age is my favourite track.

    My second favourite is Arrowhead Star.

    Will def buy the soundtrack when it comes out on iTunes!

  35. Sprooks on

    Here i feel than you have taken the purity of life and made an exact replica of it in the form of music. Perfect to listen to at any time, preferably i am normally working, stargazing or practicing sport. i can’t give a favorite as they are all equally as good

  36. Adam Finn on

    Whilst I am blown away by the soundtrack I was drawn in to search this out by the enchanting atlassian.

    Beautiful haunting soundtrack.

    Thank you!

  37. tom jerome on

    The end of are we alone was amazing. Voyager traveling out into space, with chromatics the river playing. I found it very powerful.

    • radiomovies on

      Believe me, your frustration is matched by mine. Getting any TV company to agree to a release is a long process. I think they generally don’t believe anybody would be interested. Watch this space though, and thanks for your patience and interest – Human Universe Soundtrack *will* come out!

  38. Jerry S on

    I’ve double checked the tracks available and I’m fairly sure there’s one missing.. I think it’s the track that occurs at 22:18, just before we see Mars, in the “Are We Alone?” Episode (Ep.3)

  39. Mike Timlett on

    I love Along Rails and Earthrise. Both majestic pieces and I would love to be able to buy them but can’t find it. Thanks for making a great program absolutely stunning with your breathtaking pieces

  40. Bondseye on

    I love this music. So moving and so difficult to choose a favourite. I think Capsule Pursuit or Earthrise are up there.

    Now… please get this album released ASAP!

  41. mrbondwp on

    I love this music. So moving and so difficult to choose a favourite. I think Capsule Pursuit or Earthrise are up there.


  42. Sharan Chugani on

    Hi Philip! The whole preview is absolutely fantastic! I think my favourite piece would be Earthrise but I also really enjoyed listening to Fresco.

    I was also wondering about a piece playing in the 4th episode whilst the astronauts orbiting the orbiting the moon & the earth rise photo is taken. Would you happen to know the name of that piece? Thank you!

    I cannot wait to buy the full album once it’s released!!

  43. Jessi on

    I cannot express the beauty of this album in words! There is also a mesmerizing soundtrack which I couldn’t find, but is played many times, fully in episode 4 minute 37. Anyone knows where to find it? Waiting for the release 🙂

  44. Arjie on

    Wonderful pieces. Please release this album soon …. I check on a regular basis to see if it’s available.
    My favourite pieces are: Navajo Hymn, Song of the Earth and The Atlassian.

  45. Drew Hartley on

    Hi There I love the Soundtrack Your Eyes have it, I think there must be another version too.

    Please let me know when it’s available to buy ?

    • Drew Hartley on

      I said it was “Your Eyes have your age” however It’s Earth flight and Fresco too .. I realise that several of the scores have been used in Wonders of The Universe in a way that it almost sounds like one complete score, so the transition between them is seamless ? It’s great How a change of style is brought about by small differences in each composition
      I can’t wait till it’s available to buy!!

  46. Chris RJ on

    Your soundtrack make watching human universe feel so much more epic and inspiring.
    My favourite is Arrowhead Star but they’re all amazing.
    Can’t wait until it’s released

  47. Jose Antonio Jimenez on

    What about “Berber upbeat”? More instrumental and lively than “The Atlassian”.
    It sounded on the fourth episode and also in a clip at the BBC website
    The partiture appears for a second.

    By the way, in Spain, Human Universe has been broadcasted in these days. A reason for the delay? Hope so.
    Lovely tunes, Philip.

  48. Brian on

    From the list, ‘Capsule Pursuit’ is probably my favorite; exquisite! However, I must ask: Are these the full tracks? I specifically wonder about ‘Your eyes have your age’ because in the first episode of the series, during the scene when the capsule lands, the music continues beyond what is here. Over all, amazing track!

  49. Paul on

    Hi Philip – listening to the soundtrack from In The Shadow Of The Moon as I type these words of frustration…..
    I already commented here some time ago about your amazing music for Human Universe and thought that by now the release promised would be available, but it doesn’t appear that is the case.
    Can you confirm, once and for all, whether this wonderful soundtrack is ever going to be properly released – it really should be as it is a real gem which the world needs to hear!!!
    I await your response with much baited breath…..Paul.

  50. John Sutherland on

    I live in Winnipeg, Canada, and my cable television provider is providing a free preview of BBC Earth, which I stumbled on by accident. Human Universe was the show that was playing at the time, and Arrowhead Star was the song that was playing, so even if the channel ends up not being carried here, I consider myself fortunate to have discovered the music that accompanies it, thank you.

  51. Philip Hunt on

    What a joy to find these tracks, right under my nose on sound cloud. The score to HUMAN UNIVERSE is just wonderful. Can’t pick favorites but both EARTHRISE & ARROWHEAD STAR make me want to dust off my Astronaut school application …

  52. John Colombo on

    I’m a Canadian editor and poet and I am enamoured of your score for “Human Universe,” especially the plaintive voice of the woman who sings “I’m still here waiting for you.” It haunts me for its beauty and because it brings to mind the traditional Haiduk song performed by the Bulgarian singer Valya Balkanska on Carl Sagan’s “Golden Disk.” Could you direct me to the recording or the text? It would mean a lot if you could. Many thanks! JRC

  53. Jose on

    It’s the one and only Arrowhead Star for me! Simply magical and surreal. It drove the message home just before the end credits when the good Prof. Cox placed the shard of rock in the foreground with the Russian shuttle in the background! I love how the music starts slow and builds to a crescendo! A close second for me is Song of Earth. Thank you, Mr. Sheppard!

  54. Paul on

    Hi Philip – we are still waiting for your wonderful soundtrack as you promised over 4 years ago.
    Sad and frustrated.
    I’m going to see Prof Brian Cox next year and hope to ask him about this travesty.

  55. MTF on

    “Your eyes have your age”, full version is just a sonic marvel to listen to.

    Perfect embodiment of something epic & powerful such as the Saturn V.

    Awesome sauce!


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