Somewhere along the edge track by track – You Will Fly

October 8, 2016

brian-cox_3063631bYou Will Fly (For Prof Brian Cox)
This is a track from my new album – Somewhere Along The Edge. The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in September 2016 and is my first studio album away from a specific movies soundtrack for some time.
Each track is dedicated to someone who lives fully at the edge of life— whether explorers, artists, travellers, thinkers…
Professor Brian Cox is a scientist with whom I worked on the groundbreaking Human Universe series. He’s one of the world’s great communicators, a super musician and one of the brains behind developments at the CERN particle accelerator.
His greatest quality though is to convey goosebumps through the way he immerses himself in his subject. Like the physicist Richard Feynman, Brian has the fizzing energy of a man whose mission centres around conveying the wonder of our very existence.
I wrote You Will Fly by way of thanks to him.
Here are a couple of extracts from the films we made – using my music:

If you would like a free review copy of my album then please comment below and I’ll send you a code by return.

Philip Sheppard October 2016

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