Crazy Gnarls Barkley Cover for Looped Cello

Here’s a cover of ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley that I performed recently at the COP21 Summit in Paris. Just recorded this to get warmed up for a busy set of film sessions.

When I spot someone on the phone during a show…

I love performing and speaking at C2 Montreal. This year I was about to lead into introducing Andre Agassi onstage when I spotted a lady playing with her phone. I decided to make her a bit of a star for the day.

Compose Yourself – music composition game

I recently invented a game concerned with creative music play called Compose Yourself, and I’m really excited to share it with you. I’m pretty sure that given the right tools, anybody can become a composer. It’s an easy thing to say, but actually I’m sure It’s true! Some of the greatest musicians I’ve worked with,…

Philip Sheppard live at Abbey Road

Here’s what I did after a long day of recording in Abbey Road one night last week. I’d been conducting the fantastic English Session Orchestra all day, and my brain was in another place. I was speaking a language far from English, and things were swimming in front of my eyes. Rather than start heading home, I…

Philip Sheppard scores Star Wars trailer

I’ve always loved Star Wars, so was rather delighted when Disney & JJ Abrams requested to use some music I’d composed for the new Star Wars Force Awakens trailer/ teaser (behind the scenes) film as revealed at Comic Con in San Diego last night. The piece they used is a reworking of a track I wrote called…

Joining Cirque du Soleil

No, that is not my normal cello… Last month I travelled to Vegas to join Cirque Du Soleil for a special One-off show as a featured musician along with the wonderful John Legend. The whole show was in aid of One Drop, and amazing charity established by Cirque to help those in need find water supplies….

Hallelujah at C2MTL

Here’s a version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen that I played at C2MTL at the end of my talk there. I hope you like it. The full talk is here

Human Universe Soundtrack

Here’s a preview of my score for Human Universe featuring Professor Brian Cox.
We’re going to release the soundtrack on iTunes, Spotify and many other digital music platforms shortly.
If you’d like to receive a one-off email when this is released, just leave us a short message below naming your favourite track.
You’ll get a free download of one of my other film scores by way of thanks.

A Boat to Nowhere

Inspired by one of my friend Trey Ratcliff’s images, here’s ‘A Boat to Nowhere’ to be heard soon on the BBC ‘Human Universe’ soundtrack. This was recorded at Abbey Road in August.

Human Universe

One of my tracks from the forthcoming series ‘Human Universe’ presented by Brian Cox, Featuring Evelyn Glennie with the ESO & Philip Sheppard. The image is another stunner by my dear friend Trey Ratcliff (who’s probably in the desert at Burning Man right now…).

Petra Theorum

Here’s a new track from my score for Brian Cox’s new series ‘The Human Universe’

Le Grand Départ & The Ride of Your Life

The title track of Le Grand Depart show, launching The 2014 Tour de France at Leeds Arena. Track by Philip Sheppard. Free download here. Image courtesy of Trey Ratcliff. More of Trey’s amazing work here.More news & tracks here… Press release: British conductor and composer Philip Sheppard will lead the orchestra and chorus ofOpera North at the opening…